"Community planning in the Truckee Meadows has failed to keep pace with environmental and economic impacts of growth. And, as a result, the quality of life in this oasis is in danger of being suffocated by growth-related problems. But that's an old story in America where, for decades, cities have endured explosive growth, then rotted at the core and become virtually unlivable."

(Nevada State Journal, April 9, 1978)

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Those of you who care about the Mt. Rose Scenic Corridor, need to read the articles below.

Are Reno taxpayers being defrauded of tax money dedicated to police and fire staffing?

Did you know?

  • A new concerned citizen website is up to fight uncontrolled growth: Washoe Residents for Appropriate Planning.
  • The Ascente Development was approved and Commissioner Lucey let us down again.
  • We need good fiscally conservative folks to run for local office and serve on local boards and commissions.
  • Washoe is subsidizing Reno with free Crime Lab (at $1.4 million yearly), Raven Helicopter, Homeless center support and other free services. Think of the deputies in our area that could support.
  • Reno Police and Fire career personnel are among the highest compensated in the USA. One cop made over $137,000 in 2016 in just about one month then retired with a pension of about $135,000 a year!
  • Reno is in debt and is the highest taxed city in Nevada! Highest property tax, Washoe highest sales tax in state. Highest gas prices! 40+ cents cheaper in Carson. And taxes going up.
  • Taxes and fees (trash, sewer, etc) are going up and up. The 3% property tax cap was removed by the legislature in 2016 (AB375, AB379) and your Assemblywoman Lisa Krasner violated her no tax pledge and voted for AB375. Reno Tax Revolt
  • The developers want marijuana shops along Mt Rose Highway.
  • Water and wells continue to be a matter we watch closely.

For even more information, go to the Reno Tax Revolt website.

In our ongoing fight against overtaxation we have launched the website Reno Tax Revolt.

Just Say NO to 632+ Cluster Homes

They snuck this is. 632+ homes at the south end of Fawn with traffic going into Callahan Ranch! So many issues. We had a great community turn out on this years ago with Matera Ridge. Now it's Ascente: https://ascentenevada.com

This was on the last CAB as info only and they were cleaver and didn't put the location, just APN. Thanks to Dr Parker for bring this to our attention. We really need to rally and oppose it. Traffic, no sidewalks, a possible thoroughfare from Galena HS, water, sewer, fire protection. It's on sloped hills and the homes congested. "open space" in developer speak means too sloped to build on. First meeting put on by them is June 25, Saturday. Next CAB is in July and maybe we can get it on there. Per Washoe County Planning they have no applications. I find no such business so we don't really know who "they" are.

As I said last time, if they want one home per acre consistent with the rural setting, OK but not clustered tract homes. At the time the County approved the zoning change, the developer made lots of promises: schools, parks, solar power, LEED (energy). Since that was a basis for approval, they should stay with the land and again be required. Dust off your old paperwork if you have it! The last developer sought to take over the adjoining 375 acres of our USFS land. We need to watch it again this time!

I'll be updating the website as time permits.

Help defraying the costs of post cards and flyers is appreciated.


Community Information


APN: 04525211 Active 6/11/2016 2:11:11 AM

Current Owner:







Taxing District


Geo CD: Legal Description

Township 17 Section 1 Lot Block Range 19 Subdivision Name _UNSPECIFIED

*Also Associated with Wild Island

*Lots of Gary Nelson LLCs, unknown if related to this Gary Nelson.

There are annual filings from 182 to present I can’t pull up online.


Manage this Business Business Entity Information

Status: Active File Date: 12/22/1982

Type: Domestic Corporation Entity Number: C7658-1982

Qualifying State: NV List of Officers Due: 12/31/2016

Managed By: Expiration Date:

Foreign Name: On Admin Hold: No

NV Business ID: NV19821014089 Business License Exp: 12/31/2016

Additional Information

Central Index Key

Registered Agent Information


Address 2: City: SPARKS

State: NV Zip Code: 89434

Phone: Fax:

Mailing Address 1: Mailing Address 2:

Mailing City: Mailing State:

Mailing Zip Code:

Agent Type: Noncommercial Registered Agent



Address 1: 355 BOXINGTON WAY SUITE B Address 2:

City: SPARKS State: NV

Zip Code: 89434 Country: USA

Status: Active Email:


Address 1: 355 BOXINGTON WAY SUITE B Address 2:

City: SPARKS State: NV

Zip Code: 89434 Country: USA

Status: Active Email:


Address 1: 355 BOXINGTON WAY Address 2:

City: SPARKS State: NV

Zip Code: 89434 Country: USA

Status: Active Email:

Director - GARY NELSON

Address 1: 355 BOXINGTON WAY SUITE B Address 2:

City: SPARKS State: NV

Zip Code: 89434 Country: USA

Status: Active Email:


Hello Jeff,

There has been no development application submitted to the County at this time. You can keep up with applications submitted monthly on the Planning and Development page of the County website.

Best Regards,

Roger D. Pelham, MPA, Senior Planner
Community Services Department
Planning and Development Division
775.328.3622 (office)

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Fire Service Issues: Update

The Fire Services Issue with Reno & Washoe County is complicated. For many years to 2012, Reno Fire (RFD) provided fire services/ emergency medical response but not ambulance to much of populated Washoe County. Some was provided by others: NDF, Tahoe Fire, Airport, other Washoe areas, etc. Sparks has their own department. Some of Washoe was provided by Sierra Fire. In 2012 Washoe County essentially opted to cancel their contract with Reno due mainly to costs. They then essentially merged Sierra Fire with what is now called Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District (TM).

In 2011 and again in 2012, running thru June 2014 Reno applied for federal grants known as SAFER under the joint names and based the applications on the expanded population and size of Washoe; 6000 sq mi while Reno is 100 sq mi. After the split and after getting the grant Reno canceled automatic aid with Washoe and refused to share any of the grant. This would seem in clear contradiction to the promises and requirements of the grant.

Click here to read the entire article



The County finally admitted stealing our water and has a plan to compensate Callahan Ranch - Mt. Rose area residents retroactively.

Contact Washoe County Water or see:  http://www.washoecounty.us/water/swtmgroundwater 

Also, if you own property in the City of Reno expect a jump of over 20% in your property tax. For info go to RenoPublicSafety.org or contact us. We’ll show you.

Cathy Bowland, Ginger Peirce, orBeth Honbien are the “go to” people on this. Washoe is switching over to TWMA for water and wells. As I understand it, they pay (partially) for a one time deepening of your well then you are screwed.

TMWA contact: jenloe@tmwa.com or http://tmwa.com
Washoe Well background: www.washoecounty.us/repository/files/10/WellMitigationFramework

Reno Finances

Washoe and others are hurting financially but Reno is really broke. North Las Vegas and Nye County are worse off but Reno is $500 million in debt with bonds it can’t pay (forbearance). That is another story you should look at if curious to see government run amuck. There are various articles on Reno’s financial difficulty, but is it serious. Most deals with the very bad bond decision Reno made (trench, parking garage, event center). Also Reno’s cops and firefighters are by far the highest paid outside of Clark County if not nationally and Reno just gave them a new generous two year contract with no provision to reopen if things get worse. But wait there’s more. In order to give the firefighters a raise, they closed two fire stations! Now that we have Automatic Fire Aid mandated by the state- that adds the disproportionate burden to Washoe & Truckee Meadows. Why not staff those stations with volunteers? Because RFD union contract FORBIDS it! Drive by Skyline Station or the Somersett #19/. Look at the rusting firetrucks inside unattended!.

Check out the website TransparentNevada and look at Reno salaries and North Vegas. Reno has firefighters making almost $300,000 in salary and benefits but it gets worse. These supervisors took no pay cut under the current salary and the 1,000 pound elephant may be health care. Reno, unlike most other agencies, gives police and fire retirees some form of uncapped lifetime healthcare/ medical care. How do you calculate

The Forest Area Plan

In spite of overwhelming community opposition, the county approved this area master plan under Washoe County's unique One Map system where developers were able to sneak in zoning changes. It added sprawl and commercial activity along the Mt Rose Scenic Corridor and a 632 cluster home development at the end of Fawn. That developer made great promises about schools, solar, etc. none of which justified such a large development in a rural area of minimum 1 ac parcels. Of course as the economy went sour, he went bankrupt and the promises went away.

When our elected officials get most their campaign money from pro-development sources, the basic tenets of a democracy are threatened. We need to elect neutral officials and to pass ballot measures that protect urban sprawl and such unethical behavior.

As a result of our fight the county finally agree to do away with the re-zoning procedure done with Matera Ridge (One Map system) and move to the system used by almost all of the rest of Nevada.

Beth Honebein and others continue to fight the good fight and keep us informed. We can't do it alone.

Our Forest Service Land

As part of the plan, the now bankrupt Matera Ridge LLC, working hand in hand with county officials, sought to take over our 375 acres of US Forest Service land east of Fawn Ln. Thanks to neighborhood opposition we fought this back. Developers will surely continue to try to take over this land so we must be vigilant and continue to propose alternatives such as a park similar to Rancho San Rafael. Once it is gone, it is lost forever.

Builders Forum

We have created this page to give the builders an opportunity to present their side of the controversy. If you are a builder who wishes to submit articles, photos, etc., please send them to


We have no articles at this time.

Ugly Photos

The photos below document some of the damage being done to the Mt. Rose Scenic Corridor.